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Choose the future admin of Batmanpedia! Vote for the right candidate!

  • Candidates:
    • R4356th (Bureaucrat and Administrator)

(Everyone interested should add their name here)

  • Number of Postions: 2
  • Positions:
    • Bureaucrat
    • Administrator

The election will run for 7 calendar days:

  • Start date: 2020-12-5 UTC
  • End date: 2020-12-12 UTC

Voting System:

  • All members of the community should add their votes in the "Votes" section. (They should sign the votes with ~~~~.)
  • The candidate with the highest number of votes will win the election.

Votes[edit source]

  • I vote for R4356th! R4356th (talk) 11:03, 5 December 2020 (UTC)

Stewards or Current Bureaucrats' Comments[edit source]

Waiting for Stewards or current Bureaucrats to assess this election.

  • I'm Doug, and I'm a Steward who has been requested to attend this wiki by way of this request on Stewards' noticeboard for a Steward to assess this local election in absence of a locally active bureaucrat. While DuchessTheSponge is usually fairly active on many other wikis he manages, this Batmanpedia Wiki seems to be quite inactive on a recurring basis, with the wiki closed per Dormancy Policy and reopened by DuchessTheSponge on more than one occasion, the most recent time being in October 2020. While DuchessTheSponge is usually fairly active on other wikis, as noted in the request on stewards' noticeboard, I provided a courtesy Echo notification to DuchessTheSponge in the request, extending the period by which this election could be assessed by the local bureaucrat. Seeing as there is no local bureaucrat who is active to assess this election, the duty falls to Stewards, which first involves reviewing any locally consensus-based and community-established policies governing such things. In reviewing this wiki's project namespace for any local policies or guidelines, I find that there are no community adopted policies by way of consensus. There is Batmanpedia:About, which states that DuchessTheSponge welcomes the any and all community members' assistance in building this wiki. As such, together with that invitation to assist and global conventions and policies in lieu of non-existent local wiki policies, I find that there is consensus here to effect this election, mainly by way of an election by acclamation with no community opposition to the sole expressed opinion of support—that of the candidate seeking election. I have no doubt that the R4356th, as the candidate, DuchessTheSponge, and any other community members will work collaboratively and constructively in building out the content pages on this wiki, but also in proposing, developing, and voting on policy, documentation, and style guide pages, typically in the wiki's project namespace, that the community would, in turn, discuss, vote on, and ratify on a prominent noticeboard or community portal (also typically in project namespace). Stewards and interwiki administrators remain available on Meta Wiki to support your wiki in areas where they have the technical capability to effect certain changes your wiki's community desires. Accordingly, R4356th is promoted to bureaucrat and administrator on this wiki, as indicated in the request. Dmehus (talk) 21:11, 25 December 2020 (UTC)